The Pioneer Federation Phonics

All children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 will be taught phonic skills through Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics letter sounds and actions, ‘Phonics Play’ planners are used as a basis for teachers’ planning and resources are also utilised from discovery espresso (clips, games and activities) and ‘Phonics Play’. This will take place through dedicated daily phonics lessons, Nursery (Phase 1), Reception (Phase 2,3 and 4) and Year 1 (Phase 5) will complete daily phonics lessons and Year 2 onwards will complete Phase 6 alongside the No-Nonsense spelling programme- children from Year 2 onwards identified as needing extra phonics will be planned for accordingly.

In Reception the children start with phase 2 (SATPIN) and then progressing onto phase 3 (digraphs and trigraphs.) Phonics is taught daily for 15 to 20 minutes. We use a combination of reading, writing and ICT games as strategies.

In Year 1 we assess how secure the children are with the Phase 3 content, and consolidate any gaps in the children’s knowledge of Phase 4. We will then move onto Phase 5. As in Reception, we use a range of strategies from whole class daily teaching sessions with the class teacher to TA-led interventions based on termly assessment. Year 1 pupils do the Phonics screening in June of Year 1.

In Year 2, we revisit and revise Phase 5 phonics, making connection between phonic sounds and spelling by following the No-Nonsense Spelling approach. The children will also onto developing the skill of understanding and answering comprehension questions. Some Year 2 children may need to re-visit the Phonic screening if they did not achieve the pass mark – these children will receive specific intervention, which will continue into KS2 if required.

Phonics information meetings are also held to advise parents on the reading strategies used in school and how best they may help their child before the children start their Reception Year, and in Nursery where appropriate. Additional meetings are held to support parents prior to the Year 1 phonic screening in the Summer Term.